Based on Nicky Case's Coming Out Simulator 2014, LifeLine 2018 is a game about daily encounters of transphobia.


Nicky Case: for the open source code and art to help me create my game

Cover Image:  found here

Development log


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Hi Zayn, thanks for sharing this game. I found the instant messaging format to be particularly powerful. 

I've been commisioned to write a piece about queer games and was hoping to ask you a few questions about the game to feature in it. If you would be comfortable with that, where would be the best place for me to contact you? You can also get in contact with me at

Thanks very much,



As a person living in Turkey, a country with mostly homophobic and transphobic people in it, this game really touched me. I think the main problem with people who act with their hate towards trans and other LGBT people is their incredible lack of empathy. Their primal sense of hate towards a slightest difference. I think games and experiences such as LifeLine are capable of making us feel how it affects LGBT people by putting us in the shoes of these wonderful people who just want to be accepted. 

Please never fear while facing the ignorance. Your braveness is encouraging everyone around you. 


I don't understand well about this situation or topic, but that is what game (in general understand) is about make experience that the player would never have in real life and pass some idea or mensage for them.

Maybe someday I understand more, but for now, I will just think about, empathize and try to learn.

PS: My english is not good


thank you for this. i mean its just my daily struggle buts its nice to see it in text game form, you know? hopefully some people who aren't trans play this and learn something or sympathize a little more.


I hope so too. It's my daily struggle too which is why I created it. Hopefully others will get to see what we go through everyday. Share it with folks you feel need to play this!